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Vision and Mission

Denna text lades ut på nätet 2000-03-08

nejtillemu:s beskyddare var då Björn von der Esch, Margit Gennser och Hugo Hegeland

Sweden is a late entrant into the EU. The history of the transformation of EEC to EC and then to the European Union are mostly unknown to the Swedish public as are the ideas and ideologies that wrought these changes. The political and media elites in Sweden have portrayed EU mainly as an economic project. That a strong movement within EU and its predecessors push for a political federation, ie a European state, has been obscured.

A federal state means that the nations will have an ever smaller say in both external and internal affairs, and finally will wither away. In principle Sweden and other EU-nations would be “abolished”. More and more decisions would be centralised to Brussels and the Swedish people would be a very tiny minority with all the language, political, judicial and cultural disadvantages that are associated with minority status.

Now, when the four year introductory phase has started for the 11 countries in the EMU, leading German government politicians have acknowledged that an economic union necessitates a political union. This is something that has generally been denied previously.

The EU commission and leading EU politicians are continually putting pressure on the non-EMU nations Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain to join the EMU. It is likely that there will be a referendum in Sweden within the next 2 or 3 years to decide if Sweden should enter the Economic Monetary Union. It is imperative that the public is informed that a yes to an economic union means yes to a political union.

A European political union harbours many reasons for conflicts. History, from Charlemagne and Napoleon to Hitler and Stalin and subsequently, has shown this to be the case. Different languages, major political and cultural differences, for instance the views on corruption and political accountability, but also different legal traditions etc all have the potential to create discord.

We are for cooperation in Europe - but cooperation that evolves from the nation-states of Europe and which is based on free markets. We consider that different advantages that various countries enjoy help to create a well balanced market place and an healthy competition, not least a prosperity enhancing institutional competition.

We reject the federalist and technocratic ideas embodied in the Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties. These treaties must be renegotiated.

We hope that these web-pages attract the attention of people from all walks of life throughout Europe, but especially active politicians and academics in economics and political science. The aim is to make people aware that EMU and a political union is the wrong choice if we wish to create a prosperous Europe.

We hope to forge a cooperation with other eurosceptic groups particularly in Great Britain but also in Denmark to further a European policy based on cooperation between sovereign states.

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