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- Det är sannolikt att euron bryter ihop om 10-15 år. Det tror ekonomiprofessor Laurence J Kotlikoff vid universitetet i Boston, Massachusetts. Orsaken är Euroländernas skuldbörda, uppger Mandag Morgen.
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Foreign Affairs, February 20, 2000

Oxford University Professor Niall Ferguson /fellow and tutor in modern history at Jesus College, Oxford.
He is the author of Paper and Iron and The House of Rothschild, as well as the editor of Virtual History: Alternatives and Counter-factuals/ (author of The Pity of War)
/ recension i Political Science Quarterly och
intervju om boken i New York Times/ and

Boston University Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff note that the successful launch of Europe's single currency has proven the euroskeptics wrong.

RE: Dessa personer förefaller mig vara minst lika kvalificerade som Mats Johansson

But over time, the euro will be gravely threatened if the countries in the eurozone do not put their fiscal houses in order. Generational accounting, a careful analysis of long-term trends, paints a bleak picture: unsustainable spending will bury future generations under mountains of debt.

Most governments using the euro must either endure deep budget cuts, swallow sharp tax hikes, or be forced out of the eurozone.

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